Weldable Materials

Engineering and Technical Expertise

EB Industries has the engineering and technical expertise to undertake welding for any kind of weldable material and to process your parts right the first time. Our array of electron beam and laser welding equipment has been selected to give customers a full range of solutions for welding parts of various joint designs and metal compositions. Additionally our team of mechanical designers, engineers, metallurgists, and automation experts are always available to you to help solve the toughest welding challenges.

Aluminum Electron Beam Welding 4047 to 4047 Weldable
2219 to 4047 Weldable
1100 to 4047 Weldable
6061 to 4047 Weldable
2219 to 2219 Weldable
1100 to 2219 Weldable
6061 to 6061 Weldable only with Filler
7000 Series Unweldable
2000 Series Unweldable (except 2219)
5000 Series Marginal weld
Beryllium Requires special techniques but can be electron beam welded
This welding is toxic and requires special enclosures & ventilation
Beryllium Copper Welds well, needs deoxidizing
Cast iron Welds fair, porosity may be a problem, recommend OFHC
Copper Welds fair, porosity may be a problem
Gold Weldable
Hastelloy Weldable
Inconel Weldable
Kovar Welds well, if not plated. Nickel & Gold plating causes cracks
Magnesium Alloys Welds with special techniques
Molybdenum Brittle welds, weldable with special techniques
Monel Weldable
Nickel Weldable
Nickel alloys Weldable
Platinum Weldable
PH Steels Weldable
Stainless Steel 300 series – weldable
400 series – weldable
Steel-Low Carbon 10-20 points of carbon EB welds well except for free machining grades
Steel-Medium Carbon 20-50 points of carbon
Anything over 20 points may require preheat and post heat
Steel- High Carbon Over 50 points – weldable with special techniques, may require stress relief
Tantalum Weldable
Titanium Weldable
Tungsten Welds fair – may be brittle
Zinc Alloys Not weldable due to out gassing
Zirconium Weldable