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CERN ATLAS Project Update

EB Industries continues participation in CERN ATLAS Pixel Detector Project at the LHC


CERN ATLAS Project Article

EB Industries nears completion of welding of cooling tubes for the ATLAS Pixel Detector for the CERN Super Conducting Super Collider


Welding Compatibility Chart

The welding compatibility chart shows which different metal alloys can be electron beam or laser beam welded to each other. 


Designer’s Guide for Laser Hermetic Sealing

This design guide discusses the nuances of laser welding for hermetic sealing applications


Hermetic Sealing with Laser Technology

Conventional hermetic sealing methods of the past – epoxies, solder seals and mechanical seals – cannot fulfill the microwave electronics requirement of 100% protection against moisture. This article discusses how laser welding is the most reliable method for hermetic sealing of electronic packages requiring flawless sealing in hostile environments.


Low Heat Input Welding

This article discusses how continuous wave laser processing can achieve thermal inputs equal to or less than pulsed processes.  Also it will show that 0.25-mm penetration welds can be made in Ti6AI4V at feed-rates of 85 ipm with maximum temperatures below 300°C.