Winning Work Back from Overseas

The dominant narrative these days about the manufacturing business in the United States is that China is strangling it with lower costs driven by less regulation and cheap labor. However, American companies can compete if they’re innovative and persistent, and we at EB Industries are proud to be an American company that is making a difference in keeping manufacturing in the United States.

Newsday, a newspaper covering Long Island and Tri-state New York, recently wrote about EB Industries and our long term battle with Chinese manufacturers of hollow metal ball bearings. 

A brief summary of the article

Hollow metal ball bearings are widely used on military and civilian aircraft to facilitate cargo handling. For many years EB Industries was a primary supplier, until China entered the picture and basically took over the market over a 15 year period. It was very hard to compete with overseas pricing on such a low margin item. However, EB Industries has been investing in capital equipment and automation, and is now winning new hollow ball bearing contracts with American companies, taking the business away from Chinese suppliers. EB Industries is also pursuing other opportunities to get manufacturing back on Long Island, such as making fuel pump covers that were made previously in Mexico. 

The full article from Newsday can be read below, depending on your location and Newsday’s access policies.