Technical Data

We have extensive information on the weldability of materials ranging from common metals to exotic alloys. Much of this data is based on our years of experience working with and welding these materials using both electron beams and lasers. Difficult to weld and dissimilar materials are covered.

We have an extensive library of articles covering welding applications, materials, specifications and standards, and a host of other useful information. New articles are added monthly.

We have extensive ISO and Mil-Spec certifications, which can be downloaded here. Additionally, we are an approved supplier for many OEM and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

Engineering parts and processes for precision welding and hermetic sealing is at the core of what EB Industries does. For more than 50years, our team has been helping customers to design, fixture, and manufacture welded parts and assemblies.

Custom made tooling means your project moves through production quickly and with repeatable quality and precision. Find out about why custom tooling is a great benefit to you.

Our inspection process ensures an EB Industries welded component is up to and beyond standards and won’t fail in field.

We provide welding services for wide range of industries, including Aerospace and Defense, Medical Devices, Traditional and Emerging Energies, Battery Manufacturing, Marine, Automotive and General Industry.

Fusion welding happens when materials are melted in order to be joined. EBI provides two fusion welding process, Electron Beam Welding and Laser Welding. 

Precision welding is the joining of parts within tight tolerances. The majority of our welding services are precision, typically applied to small parts in high tech industries.

Micro welding refers to joining parts that are tiny. A great deal of the work we do at EBI falls would be considered micro welding, and we have the equipment and expertise required for this delicate work.

Electronics welding is  different from soldering electronic components. Our high power fusion welding processes use no flux, resulting in pure, uncontaminated joins that are stronger and more reliable than soldered connections.

A complete listing of the equipment in our facility, from machining through production to final testing.