Welding Services

Electron Beam Welding Services

We are the preeminent Electron Beam (EB) Welding services provider across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. EB welding is precise and high power, resulting in extremely strong welds even in hard to weld materials like titanium. We offer complete electron beam welding services with stringent quality management. Find Out More

Laser Welding Services

We are a leading provider of laser welding services offering a wide array of different laser welding technologies. Since 1984 we have helped customers in diverse industries obtain high quality laser welding without having to purchase expensive equipment or maintain trained and certified staff. Find Out More

Hermetic Laser Sealing

EB Industries is a leading provider of  hermetic laser sealing services in the United States and Canada. We have sealed thousands of highly sensitive electronic parts in metal enclosures, capable of withstanding the harshest environments. All work performed in FOD/ESD and Gas Controlled environments.Find Out More

Weld Engineering and Design

We have full metallurgy and design capabilities to help you create the perfect weld for your critical application. We also specialize in custom tooling design and construction to maximize production speed and minimize production costs .Find Out More

Precision Weld Inspection

EB Industries has a weld inspection process in place that is beyond what is required by ASM and most other specifications. We have in-house digital microscopy, a full sectioning lab, and a comprehensive inspection regimen that is tightly integrated into our manufacturing chain.Find Out More

Secondary Services

EB Industries provides a full range of secondary services designed to complement and enhance our welding and sealing. From pre weld assembly to full contract manufacturing, our services are designed to integrate with the requirements of your manufacturing process or research and development project.Find Out More