Industries Served


EB Industries has long had a passion for the precision welding challenges of the Aerospace and Defense industries. We have successfully met the requirements for a variety of product categories including commercial aircraft, military aircraft, space vehicles, satellites, rockets, missiles and weapon systems to name a few. Since our earliest days of providing parts to the Apollo missions, we have been dedicated to our Aerospace & Defense customers.


For over 30 years, EB Industries has been providing precision welding services to manufactures of medical instruments, surgical tools, and implantable devices. Our expertise with laser and electron beam welding are ideally suited to meet the exacting requirements of doctors and medical staff while not jeopardizing patient safety.

Energy – Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Green Energy

EB Industries has been successfully performing precision welding for the energy industry for decades. Our customers produce parts and assemblies for wide array of industry sub sectors including oil, gas, nuclear, power generation, alternative fuels, and green energy.

General Industry

EB Industries services have direct applicability across all industries and manufacturing environments. General Industrial welding is our largest business segment encompassing a multitude of different sub industries including automotive, food and beverage, robotics, marine, and government or University research to name a few.   Our experience and expertise in one industry can often be applied to find optimal solutions in other industries.