EB Industries Employees Get Tough for a Good Cause


As a family-owned and operated company, it goes without saying that we are proudly dedicated to the quality of the work we do. However, our commitment extends beyond our services to our work with the community and our company environment, in which we are more than just coworkers. We enjoy participating in events and opportunities that bring us together and allow us to represent EB Industries.

One of these events is the Tough Mudder obstacle course race occurring April 19- 20, 2014 in Pennsylvania’s Poconos region. Several of our employees will be participating in this event, deemed “excruciating” by the organizers, and we are proudly supporting our EB Industries Tough Mudders.

The maze of obstacles for this particular Tough Mudder is known as the “Tricky Triangle,” and it covers a distance of about 12 miles, with conditions ranging from deep woods to grass fields and race tracks. Along the way, participants make their way through extremely challenging conditions and obstacles (and of course, a lot of mud!), all with the help of teamwork.

While the event will be a great opportunity for participants to overcome challenges and work together, perhaps the best reason for participation is that proceeds go to charity. In fact, since its beginnings, Tough Mudder has raised over $6 million for the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization dedicated to helping soldiers returning home from battle.

So in the end, those who participate (and who support participants) in Tough Mudder challenge themselves physically and mentally, while creating deeper connections with their fellow Mudders, and giving back to a great cause. This is definitely in line with our sense of community and personal advancement.

We’re very proud of our participating team members, and support their efforts. If you would like to support them and donate on their behalf, please click here.