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3 Keys to Quality Precision Welding

By John DeLalio, Mechanical Engineer A quality engineer recently asked me why parts that have been welded successfully for several production lots sometimes suddenly develop weld quality problems. The types of problems he encountered included defects such as inconsistent weld line (shown above), cracking, spitting, pin holes, and failed X-ray or leak check tests.  The […]

The Growing Need for Electron Beam Welding in Mexico

How many parts make up a Boeing 747 airplane? According to Boeing, the aircraft is comprised of over six million individual pieces. With that many components, there are a lot of opportunities for manufacturers of aerospace parts to grow and many suppliers from emerging markets have begun to take advantage of these opportunities. Mexico has […]

Pin Weld Trick

A customer recently presented EB Industries with a very unique and challenging welding requirement. They were looking to join a very small EDM cut arm to a 0.050” stainless steel pin. The parts were to be used in a nuclear application so quality and longevity were of primary concern. Welding was the only feasible joining method […]

Benefits of Laser Beam Welding for the Medical Industry

Imagine spending thousands of dollars and countless man-hours to machine a component for the medical industry only to end up with a sloppy weld. Most shops can’t afford that kind of mistake and given the exacting standards of the medical industry companies will have to be willing to dedicate time and money to these types […]

LED Welding

The Nobel Prize in Physics was jointly awarded in October 2014 to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura, “for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes, which has enabled bright and energy-saving white light sources.” Importantly, EB Industries has been helping companies manufacture LEDs for decades. The technology EB Industries uses for precision welding […]

EB Industries Launches Our Redesigned Website

Since EB Industries was founded in 1965, we have always focused on offering our clients quality welding services. To continue that tradition, we have unveiled a completely redesigned website. We’ve improved the user experience with easy navigation of our services, including electron beam welding, laser beam welding, laser hermetic sealing, and other services. Customers can […]

Tough Mudder Recap

As you may recall, we participated in the Tough Mudder obstacle course race this past April and although we’re still a little sore we still had a great time! We’d like to congratulate all our participants and share some of the photos from the day.                      […]

We Know the Secrets to High Production Volume Electron Beam Welding

Electron beam welding (EBW) is a unique welding technology that allows for very high strength welds and exceptional weld penetration (over 2” in solid steel) with a small heat-affected zone.  The challenge with EBW involves the requirement that the welding process must occur under high vacuum. Some engineers think welding inside a relatively small vacuum […]

EB Industries adds High Power Fiber Laser Welding Capability

With our purchase of the IPG Photonics’ YLS-4000 Continuous Wave Ytterbium fiber laser, we’re continuing to offer our customers cutting-edge technology and enhanced manufacturing capabilities, combined with the highest level of service. This combination of service and capabilities gives our engineers additional tools and methods to solve complicated material joining challenges. The YLS-4000 fiber laser […]

EB Industries Employees Get Tough for a Good Cause

As a family-owned and operated company, it goes without saying that we are proudly dedicated to the quality of the work we do. However, our commitment extends beyond our services to our work with the community and our company environment, in which we are more than just coworkers. We enjoy participating in events and opportunities […]

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