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EB Industries Featured in The FABRICATOR Magazine August Issue

EB Industries, LLC, a leading provider of electron beam welding, laser welding and hermetic laser sealing services, was recently featured in the August issue of “The FABRICATOR” magazine. The piece debates which process is best suited for the fabrication of a part and discusses the pros and cons of both EB welding and laser welding. […]

How to Get a 0% Weld Failure Rate

Recently, hosted a problem solving session with a team of ten engineers from one of the largest medical device manufacturers in the US. This particular manufacturer requested our help because they were experiencing significant failures in the field of laser welded components. The engineers were justly concerned: The devices were implanted or used in surgery […]

Why EB Welding Is Still Cutting Edge Technology

The first practical Electron Beam welding machine was put into use in 1958. Since that time many other welding methods, such as TIG, MIG, and Laser Welding have evolved technically.  However, Electron Beam (EB) welding is still the absolute best welding method for many critical, high-tech applications. Whether it’s creating high temperature exhaust nozzles for […]

Welding Aluminum: Solving Porosity Problems

The Problem: Welding T2219 Aluminum as per AMS2680 A customer recently came to us with a particular problem: they needed a precision weld on a gas bottle that would be used on helicopters to extend the landing gear in an emergency situation. The bottle had to be light yet maintain a fairly high gas pressure. […]

EB Industries Celebrates 50th Anniversary as Leading Electron Beam and Laser Welding Firm

Farmingdale, NY – EB Industries, LLC, a leading provider of electron beam welding, laser welding and hermetic laser sealing services, has recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary in business. Founded in 1965 by George DeLalio, and now headed by his son Steve DeLalio, EB Industries has continually updated its technology, expanded its physical plant and added […]

Cu to SST Electron Beam Welding

Copper to Stainless Steel Welding

EB Industries is often asked how we join dissimilar metals together with precision welding.  The most commonly requested combination is copper to stainless steel since both metals have unique material qualities which make them very different, yet great when combined.  Copper has very high thermal and electrical conductivity, but it is fairly soft and malleable.  […]

Precision Welding as an Alternative to Brazing

When it comes to joining metals there are many options. Today we’d like to discuss the advantages of electron beam welding as a replacement technology for brazing. Brazing is a metal joining process that heats a filler metal above its melting point and is distributed between two or more close fitting parts by capillary action. […]

EB Industries Showcases Precision Welding at the Design-2-Part Show

Sourcing manufacturers can be a time-consuming job, which requires customers to research different suppliers and request quotes to compare cost, quality, part materials, and more. The Design-2-Part Shows that happen all across the country aim to bring together manufacturers and suppliers to make this process easier. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with American […]

Precision Electron Beam Welding

Application Advantages of Electron Beam Welding (EB Welding)

Electron beam welding (EB Welding) is a fusion welding process that uses a beam of high velocity electrons to produce a weld. Automobile, aerospace, medical and other industrial parts, which require relatively low distortion, are amenable to electron beam welding technology. Assembly of conventional production parts, partial processing of parts such as gears, valves and […]

Meet EB Industries at Aeromart Montreal

Although we work in a global economy it can sometimes be difficult to meet face-to-face with our international clients. This is why at EB Industries we think it is important to attend trade shows and conferences throughout the year to meet and interact with industry professionals and our customers. This year we will be participating […]

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